PAID, URGENT: Native Spanish speaking male spokesperson (35-55 years) for online commercial, Copenhagen

Mænd 35 - 55 år, Sjælland


We are looking for a man to participate as a spokesperson in commercial videos. The client is within the real estate industry in Spain. The commercial videos will be used on the website and in online ads targeted at the Spanish market.

The videos will be made in an edition where you are speaking Spanish and in another edition where you are speaking English.

You will receive the script beforehand. Please read the script during your preparation.

Languages: Native Spanish and English (Speaking English with a Spanish accent is okay for this assignment)

Appearance: European

Clothing: Business appropriate

Age: 35-55

Salary: Yes. 1.500 DKK

Deadline for applying: Tuesday, December 13th

Date for recording: Thursday, December 15th at 14:30-15:30 or 16:00-17:00

Studio: The recordings will take place in 2300 København S

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