EXTRAS NEEDED! Filming of the short young adult musical film in Malmö

Mænd og kvinder 18 - 50 år, Hele landet


Vi har fået følgende tekst ind på engelsk.

It’s a Malmo based feminist film with a little dash of lgbt culture. About a girl living with an abuser and trying to change her life. Life reassuring and appreciating Malmö values.
The film is supported by Malmö stad.

The scene we are shooting is in a nightclub in Malmö and we need extras to be on the dancefloor and in the club scene.

There isnt any pay for this but the evening will be filled with fun, music and good people. Plus a chance to be in a beautifully made independent movie that will be going to festivals around the world next year!

We shoot this scene :

Wednesday 14th

17:00 -21:00

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