Amerikansk skuespiller til kortfilm, København

Mænd 20 - 30 år, København

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>American Backpacker for a Shortfilm in Copenhagen<<


"By the quay". Shortfilm, 15'. Sinopsis:

Manuela works as a Tourist Guide in the city of Copenhagen and today she guides a “Bus and 

Walking Tour” for cruise guests. Her negative feelings towards her job and the city of Copenhagen, hidden behind an arrogant attitude, suddenly have their consequences in reality when she loses a child during the Tour. In a desperate search for the lost kid, Manuela is obliged to confront her insecurities, risking her job only to realize that in the end, she might be the one who is actually lost in Copenhagen.


Casting: Friday 2.11.2018 at Christianshavn

Shooting: 5.11.2018-10.11.2018

Availability Required: 1 Shooting Days (6 or 8 of November)

Post deleted: 4.11.2018


We need a 20-30 year old American actor who plays a backpacker who visits Copenhagen in a touristic trip. He is a childhood friend of Manuela, the tourist guide, and when they stumble upon each other they have a conversation about their shared memories. His appearance and thoughts are a turning point for the main character's perspective.

We offer free meals, 2 cinema tickets and an amazing experience.

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