Pige 7-11 år til vigtig rolle i kortfilm, København

Piger 7 - 11 år, København

Teenage pige med lyst hår

Vi har fået følgende opslag tilsendt, som er på engelsk:


"By the quay". Shortfilm, 15'. Sinopsis:

Manuela works as a Tourist Guide in the city of Copenhagen and today she guides a “Bus and 

Walking Tour” for cruise guests. Her negative feelings towards her job and the city of Copenhagen, hidden behind an arrogant attitude, suddenly have their consequences in reality when she loses a child during the Tour. In a desperate search for the lost kid, Manuela is obliged to confront her insecurities, risking her job only to realize that in the end, she might be the one who is actually lost in Copenhagen.


Casting: Thursday 1.11.2018 at Christianshavn

Shooting: 5.11.2018-10.11.2018

Availability Required: 3 Shooting Days (6,8,10 of November)

Post deleted: 4.11.2018


We need a 7-11 year old ACTRESS to play one of the most important roles of the shortfilm: The kid. She is a bright girl who is taking care of her old grandpa during the tour. She has an obsession with the Little Mermaid, which brings problems to the guide when she starts trying to escape the tour. But finally, her playful attitude will end up bringing some light to the problems of the guide.

We offer free meals and 2 Cinema Tickets.

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