Skuespillere til afgangsfilms fra European Film College, Jylland

Mænd og kvinder 8 - 35 år, Jylland


Vi har modtaget nedenstående opslag på engelsk.

We are a small crew from the European Film College that are currently working on our final project and looking for actors.

Production title: DINNER

Production type: Independent student film

Project length: Short film (12 min)

Project format: 16:9

Production location: Ebeltoft

Production company: European Film College / Student Final Project

Director: Alessandra Greisen-García

Casting Directors: Alessandra Greisen-García, Anna W. Fleischer

Shooting location: Carl Th. Dreyers Vej 1, 8400 Ebeltoft, DK

Compensation: No

Auditions: Everyday from March 15 (Headshot and a short video performing a given scene) No need to come to the school prior to the shoot.

Shooting dates: 5 days between March 26th and April 6th (not confirmed yet)


“In  two-dimensional suburban household, a mother conceals a dark secret that will put an end to her family’s perfect life.”


“In a surreal, repetitive existence, an artificial 1950’s suburban housewife finds herself trapped within a precise routine every single day. Her family is 2-dimensional and absent-minded, never appreciating the hard work she goes through to provide the lavish, delicious dinner she orchestrates every single night. Like automation, her family performs their duties of work and school every day, leaving her alone to meet her unidentified, midday visitors. The vague visits always result in another marvellous and meaty meal put on the table to be enjoyed in the exact same manner by her robotic family. The tedious and unrealistic  repetition of her everyday life slowly starts to wear her down as the repressed expression of her emotions and diversion from routine finally emerge. The animalism and primality of her inner being, and her actions finally begin to show through her plastic exterior.”

Character bios

The Mother (30-35): She is a perfectly well groomed American housewife. She is a repressed, animalistic energy trapped in her own body by routine and being in constant service to her absent-minded family, who calculates and measures every single move. Tired of the monotony of her life, she loses control and becomes more detached from this fake façade.

The Father (30-35): He is very polished and good-mannered. He is always wearing a suit and hat - seemingly never having a hair out of place. He spends the whole day at work only coming home to dine with his wife and son. He is he definition of the patriarchal figure but has no interest in his family nor has he a real relationship to his surroundings except for fundamental needs and fulfilment duties.

The Son (8-13): He is obedient and automated. His hair is always slicked to one side. His shirt is never untucked or out of place. He is nothing but an empty model to be filled and formed by the family. The child is constantly searching for his father’s approval. He is the poster child for “Children should be seen and not heard”. He never says anything he is not supposed to, as he is autopiloted, well-mannered, and passive.

We need:

-A woman between the ages of 25 and 35, English speaker

-A man between the ages of 25 and 35, English speaker

-A young boy between the ages of 8 and 13, English speaker

IMPORTANT!!: Actors must be able to speak English (preferably with an American accent).  

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